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Winners 2013

life in the wombThe winners of the 2013 Appys have been announced. Congratulations to Redwind Software and The Science Picture Company for “Life in the Womb”, the Grand Prix winner of the Appys 2013. Life in the Womb is a stunning visual guide to pregnancy exploring your baby’s amazing journey from conception to birth. Using a combination of illustrations, animations and interactive 3D features Life in the Womb beautifully illustrates these moments and milestones through the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

This year’s awards received over 300 entries and was opened up to entries from social media apps, tablet apps and Cloud apps. Other notable winners include Best Banking App for AIB, Best Travel & Tourism App for Hailo, and Best News and Media App for Sky News.

“Congratulations to all who made the shortlist and who won an award. Thanks also to our sponsors Glaxo Smith Kline, Communicorp Digital, HTC, Sony, and Alternatives Digital” says Des Doris, event organiser. “The quality of this year’s shortlist was astonishing.”

“Apps will evolve from what we know them as today. Obviously gaming apps will still be very popular but apps are now intelligent pieces of software capable of better organising people’s lives. In the minds of the most adventurous app developers, this is just the first generation of technologies that we will wonder how we ever lived without,” says Stephen Conmy, event organiser and editor of Digital Times.

The full list of gold, silver and bronze winners and the app developers is here. The Appys 2013 Winners

The gold medal winners are:

Best Travel & Tourism App

Hailo, Hailo, HAILO. The Taxi Magnet™

Best Branded App                    

Redwind Software, Heineken, Heineken Road to the finals

Best Sports, Health, & Fitness App

Paddy Power, Paddy Power, Paddy Power Mobile Sportsbook

Best Educational App

Redwind Software, The Science Picture Company, Life in the Womb

Best News & Media App

Sky, Sky, Sky News

Best Entertainment App

Axonista Ltd,  ShowPal, ShowPal

Best App for a Live Experience (event and/or festival)

MobaNode, Culture Night 2013

Best Social App

Redwind Software, Newcastle Brown Ale,  Newcastle Truth Booth

Best Tablet App

Redwind Software, The Science Picture Company, Life in the Womb

Best Gaming App

Superhippo,  Superhippo, Pirate Legends TD

Best Music App

Communicorp, Spin 1038, Spin 1038

Best Medical App

Redwind Software, The Science Picture Company, Life in the Womb

Best Photography App

i3 Digital, Tranquil Space Designs, Freezing a moment in time

Best Lifestyle App

Axonista Ltd, ShowPal, ShowPal

Best Financial Services App

AIB, AIB, AIB Mobile Banking App

Best Children’s App

PixelSoup Ltd, Spraoi School, Symmetry School: Learning Geometry

Best Productivity App

i3 Digital, Ruth Moody, When on the move in Dublin!


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Alchemy Event Management
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Stephen Conmy
Digital Times
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