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Want to do better in exams? There’s an app for that

A new iPhone app – created by a 25 year old Irishman, Cormac Moore – aims to help second and third level students perform better in exams. Moore, a published researcher in the area of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the study of successful thinking patterns of outstanding individuals – developed the Headcase app with the help of 30 top ranking college students and app builder Kablingy Software.
“I took the successful learning patterns of these top performing students and literally ‘downloaded’ them using the tools of NLP,” he says. These learning patterns were taken and tested on underperforming students. The improvements turned out to be dramatic, with all 50 students in the three pilot programs making substantial improvements.
“I developed the app so that students won’t need to fork out hard earned cash to do repeats, or hand over another €2,000 to repeat an entire year of college,” says Moore.
The iPhone app is available in the iTunes App store and costs €2.39, but is free to download until Sunday the 4th of December.

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