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Three billion iPad apps downloaded since 2010

If further proof was needed that the iPad is transforming the publishing (books, magazines, games, video) industry, it came with new ABI research that shows three billion iPad apps have been downloaded since it first launched in 2010. This represents nearly 20% of all iOS (Apple native app) downloads.
“The iPhone took as long as two years before being able to achieve this level of downloads, while the iPad made it within nearly a year and a half. In comparison, Android tablets only have around 440 million downloads thus far,” states ABI.
While there are just 120,000+ apps specifically for the iPad, iPad users can expect a deluge of new, high quality apps for the iPad in the next two years.
Publishers, on the other hand, can be comforted by the fact that iPad users are willing to pay for good quality apps, whether they be books, games or web services. It is also easier for publishers to sell in-app advertising thanks to the size of the iPad screen.

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