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The Winners of The Appys 2011

The winners of the 2011 Appys have been announced. Congratulations to MailOnline for iPad, the Grand Prix winner of the Appys 2011 with Carphone Warehouse. This year’s awards received over 250 entries and was opened up to entries from Facebook apps and iPad apps.
Other notable winners include the best business app –, the best entertainment app – the 3Player, the best media app –, best sports app – the Leinster Rugby app and the best food app – Heinz BBQ.
“Congratulations to all who made the shortlist and who won an award. Thanks also to our sponsors Carphone Warehouse, Nokia, O2, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iMobile,, Tapadoo, Furious Tribe, Airport Genie, Alternatives Digital, and 3e FYI,” says Des Doris, event organiser.
“Once again The Appys celebrated and rewarded some of the best and most innovative apps available for smartphone, tablet and Facebook users,” says Doris. “The future is mobile and apps will continue to play a huge role in the continual development of the mobile industry. It’s great to see how innovative and creative the Irish app industry actually is.”

Future apps
“Apps will evolve from what we know them as today. Obviously gaming apps will still be huge but future apps will become intelligent pieces of software capable of better organising people’s lives.
In the minds of the most adventurous app developers, this is just the first generation of technologies that we will wonder how we ever lived without,” says Stephen Conmy, event organiser and editor of Digital Times.

Some stats
According to new research from market research firm, Berg Insight, the number of mobile app downloads globally will reach 98 billion by 2015. App store revenue will also grow, to reach €8.8 billion in 2015. Last year, global revenues from paid apps, in-app purchases and subscription services reached €1.6 billion.

The Winners of The Appys 2011, listed below in the following order – entrant, name of the app and finally the developer.

Best Business App – sponsored by O2

Adverts Marketplace Ltd.,, Adverts Marketplace Ltd.

Best Education App – sponsored by Nokia
MedMedia Ltd./, Child Immunisation Tracker, Appsie

Best Entertainment App
TV3, 3Player, DV4

Best Facebook App
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Jameson Urban Safari, eightytwenty/4D

Best Food App
neo@ogilvy, Heinz Summer BBQ App, Púca

Best Gaming App
Redwind Software, Space Brains, Redwind Software

Best iPad App
Associated Newspapers, MailOnline for iPad, Brand 42

Best Media / Publishing App – sponsored by Alternatives Digital
Distilled Media,, Distilled Media

Best Music App
98FM, 98FM, Adforce

Best Social/Sharing App – Sponsored by Tapadoo
Skype, Skype, Grayling Atomic

Best Sports App – sponsered by Samsung
iMobile Applications Ltd., Lenister Rugby, iMobile Applications Ltd.

Best Travel & Tourism App – sponsored by airport genie
Dublin Bus, Dublin Bus, App Biznet IIS

Best Branded App
neo@Ogilvy, It has to be Heinz BBQ, Púca

Best Nokia App – sponsored by Nokia
TV3, TV3 Catch Up, Axionista

Best Android APP – sponsored by Sony Ericsson
neo@Ogilvy It has to be Heinz BBQ Púca

Best iOS App
Adverts Marketplace Ltd.,, Adverts Marketplace Ltd

Best Developer
Vinnie Coyne

Associated Newspapers, MailOnline for iPad, Brand 42

The People’s Choice Award – sponsored by Carphone Warehouse


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