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Is Ubuntu the next big OS for mobile and tablets?

Ubuntu held a developers conference recently

Today, the four major mobile platforms are Android (Google), iOS (Apple), Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. Now, however, there a new kid on the block – Ubuntu.
Ubuntu recently held its Developer Summit. “An application for Ubuntu in the future will have multiple personalities. When it is running on a desktop computer, it will have a different personality from when it is running on a tablet,” says Mark Shuttleworth (founder of Canonical). “From a developer point of view, there will be a phenomenal amount of coherency and reuse of the core capabilities on the application.”
In plain English, this means Ubuntu is going to provide a unified code, that is to say, a developer will be able to write an application for a desktop user and have it run, with minimal modification, on smartphones or tablets.
Android, the other open-source platform (and also based on Linux), seems to be the main competitor but Shuttleworth argues that, after the recent acquisition of Motorola by Google, Canonical presumably would be a more neutral party to hardware manufacturers.

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