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Irish app translation firm Tethras sets up shop in US

Tethras, an Irish mobile app localisation firm, has announced the launch of its offering in the U.S. market and the opening of an office in Mountain View, California.
Tethras provides mobile app developers with a way to translate apps into over forty languages. By using Tethras, mobile developers can gain access to global markets and new streams of revenue without ever having to leave their desks, give up their source code, or download any software.

Big markets
According to Gartner global mobile app market revenue is predicted to exceed $58 billion by 2014. As smartphones gain popularity worldwide, the majority of app downloads already occur outside of a developer’s local market.
According to data made public by Apple, an average of eight out of the top 10 grossing apps in China, South Korea and France are localised. Therefore, the need for app translation is obvious to maximise revenue and reach.
“Previously, app translation was a fragmented and frustrating undertaking that often resulted in a lengthy go-to-market timeline. Tethras aims to simplify app localisation with high-quality translation by real human translators and an easily scalable experience,” said Tethras co-founder and CEO Brian Farrell.

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