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How to develop iPhone and iPad apps

Apple’s new ‘Start Developing iOS Apps Today’ guide has been launched. Aimed at aspiring iOS app developers, the 13-step guide splits up the process of app development into five key areas.
“The road map provides you with a breadth of knowledge to get you started, and the last page, Where to Go from Here, includes links to documents you should read next,” says the guide. “After you finish the road map, you will be prepared to delve deeper into any individual topic. You’ll have the knowledge, tools, and skills to start developing iOS apps,” promises Apple.
Sounds great. However, you will have to have some level of digital know how.
“Before you begin writing a line of code, you should make some critical design decisions,” suggest Apple. “Be as specific as possible about your app’s purpose and features. Choose the kind of data model your app will use. Decide on a user interface style for your app; for example, should it follow a master-detail pattern or that of a utility app? Do you want your app to be universal—that is, an app that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch?”
Well … to be honest I just want to write and develop the next Angry Birds. Is that too much to ask?

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