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Facebook will “become a mobile company”

The head of mobile products at Facebook, Erick Tseng, told the Mobilize conference in San Francisco recently that the social network was “going to become a mobile company”.
What he meant by this doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturing mobile phones, rather it means ensuring Facebook is set up properly for most mobile devices.
Facebook has over 350 million mobile users (out of 800 million in total), and that proportion will swing to more than 50 percent within the next year. Tseng also said, most of Facebook’s users in India, Southeast Asia, and Africa access the site via mobile devices.
Tseng also confirmed the existence of the Facebook iPad app (expected to be announced the same day as iPhone 5 on October 4). He also said he doesn’t know why the Facebook app isn’t a default app on iPhone 5, like the Twitter iPhone app.
“We believe every phone should be social,” he said, and reminded the audience that Facebook works with partners like HTC and Sony Ericsson to “bake the platform into their apps layer”. It is, he said, “the beginning of what we think of when we see the mobile/social platform. It’s kind of a version one.”

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