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App of the Week Winner 17/05/2016

And the Gold Medal for ‘App of the Week’ goes to


Congratulations to our winner the PhysioCare App

The PhysioCare app allows those who are suffering from an injury or condition to have access to high quality information as provided by Chartered Physiotherapists to understand their condition more. With this, they also offer a patient portal where you can read, discuss and interact with others who are experiencing the same things to hear their first hand experiences. Finally, they also have a wealth of guided exercise videos that you can view to manage your pain whenever it strikes.

For more information visit their website HERE


Applications for next week’s ‘App of the Week’ are NOW OPEN!

What’s it all about?

Each week we ask you, the App development community, to submit your work.

You simply fill in a very quick entry form and its free, there is no charge to enter.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be next weeks winner!

Why Enter?

The winner will be announced on all ‘The Appy’s’ social media, eZines and website.It’s a great way to get your app recognised before the big event in November!

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