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App developers still prefer iOS over Android

App developers still love iOS, Apple’s operating system. 69% of all new app development projects started during the first quarter of 2012 were for Apple’s platform.

According to mobile analytics company Flurry, just over 30% of apps started during the same period were targeted at Google’s Android platform.

Effectively, Apple’s iOS is more than twice as popular with developers as Google’s Android OS, despite the fact far more Android devices are activated each day than iOS devices.

Apple currently has around 615,000 apps in its App Store, while Google has just over 450,000 in Google Play.

Android also makes less revenue for developers. After comparing the revenue generated by top apps on iOS and Android, Flurry found that iOS generates four times more revenue per active user than Android. For every $1 (64p) a developer earns on iOS, they make about $0.24 (15p) on Android.

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