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App developers bet on iOS

Just nine months ago developers couldn’t decide which mobile OS would win out in the enterprise market but a new survey of app developers finds that a clear majority now believe iOS will triumph over Android.

In the Q2 2012 Appcelerator Developer Survey, 53.2% of respondents said iOS is best positioned to win out long term in the business market with just 37.5% plumping for Android. Answering the same question in Q3 2011 both OS’s were tied at 44%.

The popularity of the iPad, frequent reports of Android malware and the fragmentation of the Android OS were the main reasons given for the large shift in opinion.

On the plus side for Google, interest in developing for Android, which had dropped in the last three quarters, has stabilised, largely due to the proliferation of Android devices aided by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The report also showed that developers were cautiously optimistic about Microsoft’s Surface tablet and Metro user interface as 33% said they would be interested in developing apps on the Windows 8 tablet.

Apple again topped that chart with just under 90% of developers saying they were ‘very interested’ in developing for both iPhone and iPad compared with less that 80% and 70% for Android phones and tablets respectively.

The rise in the popularity of HTML5 mobile web developed continued and it is the fourth most popular platform with nearly 75% of respondents ‘very interested’.

Each quarter, in conjunction with IDC Research, Appcelerator surveys its community of 340,000 developers. It is the largest survey of mobile developers. This quarter, more than 3,600 developers participated in the survey.


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