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98% of iPhone users download apps

Anyone going to rush out and buy the iPhone 4S?

Market research commissioned by mobile solutions provider Púca shows that despite the downturn, demand for the latest smartphones amongst adults remains strong with more than half (54%) claiming ownership of a smartphone.
On the day that Apple announces its latest iPhone, the research* shows that 28% of smartphone equipped adults have one of the devices with 14% of those without a smartphone intending to choose Apple for their next handset.
Young people are particularly likely to update to the iPhone with 23% of non smartphone owning 18-29 year olds wishing to make the iPhone their next purchase.

App usage
Apple users are ahead of the curve for app consumption with 98% downloading apps against 77% for all respondents. The research also shows Apple’s strength in the nascent tablet computing market with 6% of those surveyed owning an iPad.
“The rise of smartphones is certainly linked to the rise of social media. There is also certain ‘wow’ factor with Apple’s products design and usability. iPhones also benefit from the thriving content ecosystem Apple have created with the iTunes store,” says Eamon Hession, CEO Púca.

Finding apps
The survey also asked what were the most important ways users found apps with the top three ways being “word of mouth” (31% citing this of prime importance), searching for an app “like this” (21% citing this as most important) and the apps appearance in appstore charts (19% giving this prime importance).
“The results point the way to a three pronged approach to a successful app. The opportunity is there for brands to harness the power of word of mouth by making it easy for users to recommend the app via Facebook and Twitter integration. The high amount of users searching for “an app like this” means that a good app should have an inherent usefulness and fulfil an unmet need for users,” says Hession.

Location based services
Almost 75% of smartphone users are willing to share their location with a brand under certain conditions.
“Location enabled marketing has huge potential but our research underlines the importance of doing it right. The research shows that consent depends on how much the consumer trusts the brand, whether data is secure and if they receive a voucher or some other reward in return,” said Hession.

Púca’s research will be made fully available to subscribers of the company’s newsletter next week. To subscribe please visit

* The survey was conducted by Market Research Company iReach during the period of 22nd September to 29th September using the iReach Consumer Decisions Research Panel which delivered 1,000 responses from adults in Ireland aged 18+ to 65+ and is nationally representative by Age, Region, Gender and Social Class.

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