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Who will win developer of the year? Have you entered?

Who will win developer of the year? Have you entered?

The Appys Entry Deadline Extended to Monday October 28th at 23.59







gskThe Appys announces the GSK APP-challenge 2014. One great idea, one great app, one great prize worth €50,000. You enter it, we build it, you own it. ENTER NOW. Deadline for entries is November 10, 2014.

Have you ever dreamed of developing the next great app? Do you have an interest in sports, fitness, healthcare or medicine – the key areas that are experiencing an explosion in brilliant, and useful, app development?

The GSK App-challenge is open to anyone in Ireland who has an idea for an app and wants to get it made. ENTER NOW. Entries are free and the entry form is very simple to use. The deadline for entries to the GSK App-challenge is November 10, 2014 at 10pm.


The potential app must relate to one of three categories:

* Fitness

* Health & Wellness

* Medical


The GSK App-challenge

“Nothing lends itself better to apps than health and well-being, and the potential to transform lives is immense,” says Aidan Lynch, managing director, GSK Ireland. “We hope the GSK App-challenge will inspire people to create apps that can help people do more, feel better and live longer.”

“The GSK App-challenge is open to anyone who has an idea for an app, or anyone who has started building an app or has already developed an app but wants to improve it. The competition is for individuals, indie developers and student developers only. App development firms cannot enter,” says Stephen Conmy, organiser of the GSK App-challenge and The Appys.

“The GSK App-challenge winner will receive huge support when it comes to taking their idea to the next level,” says Owen Cooney, managing director, ProductFitter & ELEKS, Ireland. “We are looking forward to seeing creative, useful ideas that can help people in their daily lives.”

An app development package worth €40k and a media package worth €10k are up for grabs as well as a top of the range tablet computer. The winner of the GSK App-challenge will be crowned at The Appys awards ceremony which takes place at CHQ building, Dublin on November 20, 2014.



All the intellectual property associated with the ideas and apps entered will remain with the person who entered the idea. “The GSK App-challenge is about encouraging more people to think about great app ideas, none of the parties involved want any IP claim or share of future app revenues,” says Conmy. “The winner takes all, as they say.”


The best idea wins

It’s the best idea we are looking for. It can be just an idea, or it could be an app already in development.

How do I enter?

You simply go to the online entry form on and it should take just a few minutes.

What will I win?

There is a €40,000 app development consultancy prize from ProductFitter & ELEKS, as well as a €10,000 PR and media package from Digital Times.


ProductFitter & ELEKS is a custom software development group that helps companies deliver their ideas on any mainstream technology platform available today, from HTML5/JS apps, to a bleeding-edge Google Glass app, to a mobile apps for Android/iOS and big-scale web applications.


‘Take your app idea to the next level, enter the GSK App-Challenge’


For more information please contact:

Stephen Conmy – 087 660 7826 –

Des Doris – (01) 284 6096 ­

The 2013 Grand Prix winner of The Appys


The Grand Prix winner of the 2013 Appys was Redwind Software (left) and The Science Picture Company for Life in the Womb.

Life in the Womb is a stunning visual guide to pregnancy exploring your baby’s amazing journey from conception to birth. Using a combination of illustrations, animations and interactive 3D features Life in the Womb beautifully illustrates these moments and milestones through the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

The 2013 awards received over 300 entries and was opened up to entries from social media apps, tablet apps and Cloud apps. Other notable winners include Best Banking App for AIB, Best Travel & Tourism App for Hailo, and Best News and Media App for Sky News.

“Congratulations to all last year’s winners. Thanks also to our sponsors Glaxo Smith Kline, Communicorp Digital, HTC, Sony, and Alternatives Digital” says Des Doris, event organiser. “The quality of last year’s shortlist was astonishing and we expect an even higher standard of entries this year. We are really looking forward to seeing how app development has advanced in the last year.”

Oculus Rift gets the Netflix treatment

At a recent ‘hack day’, Netflix coders and engineers built an interface for browsing the service on an Oculus Rift VR headset. Pretty cool stuff and it gives us an example of the many ways Oculus Rift can potentially be used.

Two Dublin schools are first to get Microsoft Surface Pro 3s

Pictured are Jennifer Estevez; Alexandra Assaf 6th Year Student Mt Anville Secondary School; Dr. Kevin Marshall, Head of Education, Microsoft Ireland

Pictured are Jennifer Estevez; Alexandra Assaf 6th Year Student Mt Anville Secondary School; Dr. Kevin Marshall, Head of Education, Microsoft Ireland

Dublin schools Mount Anville Secondary School and St. Vincents Castleknock College were given Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices. Teachers and students in the schools were among the first people in the country to get the tablets.


“Students face into a work environment that looks very different from the one their parents inherited at the start of their careers. Technology has reshaped the professional landscape,” says Oliver Murphy, Principal from St. Vincents Castleknock College.


“Today, education and technology are combining to make possible a new frontier of learning,” says Dr. Kevin Marshall, head of education, Microsoft Ireland.

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Lincor launches new Android TV system for hospitals

Irish medical tech firm Lincor has launched a new Android driven TV system for hospitals.

The system means everything from TV shows to patient information to a meal ordering facility, audio books, the Internet and a video streaming service as well as a music library are all delivered on high definition screens beside the patient’s bed.


Lincor, which was founded in 2003, has already raised €7.3m in investment from US venture capital firm Edison Ventures.

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Jobbr – real world jobs for real friends

Jobbr‘ is a new “buddy-to-buddy social mobile app” created by Stephen Malone.

The app allows people to publish real world jobs in real time to real friends. How it works is this: say you need help moving house. You publish a request, add a price as to how much you are willing to pay for help, and wait for replies.

“You can advertise personal favours and odd jobs to friends for cash,” says Malone, “comforted by the fact that users’ circles of friends are people they already know and trust.”

The app is aimed at 16-30 year olds. There’s also a website.

Sky launches its Sky Service app

Sky has launched its Sky Service app, giving Irish customers more ways to keep track of their Sky account. The app lets customers check their bill, change their settings and review their Sky package, all in one place, whenever and wherever they want, from a wide range of mobile devices.

Customers can now view their bill, check what channels they have and check their service status. They also have the option to pick the Sky+ HD box in their house their remote record requests will get sent to and change their TV PIN – all within the app.

“Of the thousands of service calls handled by our Dublin contact centre weekly some of the most common queries relate to bill information, how to change your Sky package, or TV PIN – now customers can check this information through the app whenever it suits them without having to call us,” says Derek Stalley, customer operations director at Sky Ireland.

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The Appys is 5 this year

Des, Stephen & Edward - 2010

Des, Stephen & Edward – 2010

This year The Appys is five. Five years old yet mature beyond its years. The app industry can be described as nothing short of explosive. As a publishing sector in its own right, the mobile app industry came into its own with the launch of the first iPhone, seven years ago.

Steve Jobs and his team at Apple radically disrupted many industries with the launch of the iPhone, the first proper smartphone.

Not only did the iPhone dethrone the dominant mobile phone maker Nokia from the top spot in mobile communications, it paved the way for feature rich smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony and led to the establishment of the Android platform by Google and the Windows mobile platform by Microsoft.

Globally, well over 100 billion apps have been downloaded to date by iPhone, Android and Windows phones users.

The smartphone created the app industry and in turn the app industry has disrupted the music industry, the news industry, the entertainment industry, the movie industry, the travel industry, the healthcare industry, the retail industry and the games industry to name but a few.

The Appys, the first awards show in the world to celebrate great apps, was launched by Des Doris of Alchemy Events and Digital Times in 2010. If you would like to be an event partner in 2014, please contact Stephen.

The first event, held at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin, was sponsored by The Carphone Warehouse, and the Grand Prix winner that year was the RTÉ News Now app, built by DRG.

The second Appys, once again sponsored by The Carphone Warehouse, was held at the Mansion House in Dublin. See video. MailOnline for iPad, was the Grand Prix winner and the awards received over 250 entries with new categories, including Facebook apps and iPad apps.

The third Appys was held at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Hailo, the taxi app, was the Grand Prix winner of the Appys 2012. The awards received over 300 entries and was opened up to entries from social media apps, tablet apps and Cloud apps. Other notable winners include Best Banking App for AIB, Best Retail & Coupon App for Done Deal and Best Entertainment App for Sky+.

At The Appys 2013, held at the CHQ building in Dublin, Life in the Womb, an app developed by Dublin agency Redwind Software, and The Science Picture Company in conjunction with the National Maternity Hospital, was the overall winner. The event was sponsored by HTC, Sony, GSK and Alternatives Digital. Other gold winners on the night included the taxi app Hailo which won best travel & tourism app; Symmetry School: Learning Geometry which won best children’s app; and Showpal which won best entertainment app.


Teen lust drives WhatsApp and Snapchat success

When it comes down to it, the huge surge in the popularity and use of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat is driven mainly by teens sending flirty, sexy messages to each other.

Back in the day it used to be notes passed around a classroom or a lecture hall. Now it’s instant messages full of emoticons.

Research from Deloitte in the UK suggests the number of instant messages sent in the UK is set to double this year, reaching 300 billion by the end of 2014. In comparison, 160 billion were sent in 2013.

“A constant among humans is courting and they use different tools to do it. It used to be hanging on the phone, now it’s instant messaging,” Paul Lee, head of technology research at Deloitte, told The Guardian.

Many teenage smartphone owners in the UK send over 270 instant messages a day – many of which will be only a smiley face or a heart. Compare that to the seven texts most people send every day.

Deloitte says the growth in instant messaging is being driven largely by puppy love, as teenagers use technology to flirt with potential lovers.

It’s mad Ted.

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