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Como is a quirky little app builder

It’s often the case that a company feels it's ticking a box on its ‘digital to-do-list’ by creating an app. However, it’s also often the case that the company doesn’t need an app, it just needs a decent mobile optimised website. If you feel you need an app, you should try out this quirky little service from

Tap is a very fast messaging app

Tap is a new app for iPhone and Android that lets you send your location or a quick ping to a group of friends by simply tapping twice on your phone.

The Google Glass app that can read your mind

MindRDR is a new app that quite literally reads your mind. When used in conjunction with Google Glass and a electroencephalography (EEG) headset, the MindRDR software allows users to take a picture of whatever they are seeing and post it to social media simply by thinking about it. Frickin awesome dude!

The next generation RTE News Now app

The latest version of the RTE News Now app is now available for Android and iPad users, following the launch of the iPhone app earlier this year. The app, which was the winner of the inaugural

Twitter to host webinar for app publishers and developers

Twitter recently launched a Mobile App Promotion suite, a new way for Twitter users to install apps, directly from their Twitter timeline. Twitter helps app publishers and app developers to reach their target audiences using "interest, keyword, TV targeting and tailored audiences". Twitter is hosting a 30-minute #TwitterMobile live...

Dino Dog is the latest app from StoryToys

Dino Dog is the latest app from StoryToys. Join Dino Dog Doug and Bonnie the Bear as they travel the world in search of dinosaurs. In this digging game, children explore deep underground, finding fossils, cleaning bones and assembling whole dinosaurs they can collect and keep in their very own museum....

Samsung launches new Galaxy app store

Samsung has launched its own app store called Samsung Galaxy Apps, an online store that caters exclusively to users of Galaxy-branded gadgets. The South Korean firm says that it "will allow greater customisation of your mobile device", as well as offer up a range of...

Kanvas is app that is too cool for school

Kanvas is a social network app that allows users to edit photos, gifs and video using an ever-growing list of creative ways. It's a cool app, one of the coolest out there. A new feature from the latest app update allows graphic designers, artists and...

How to promote your app on Twitter and drive downloads

Twitter has built a new way for you to drive mobile app installs and engagements. Twitter's new mobile app promotion service uses Twitter’s existing targeting capabilities to help you reach your desired audience. It seems simple and really worked for Spotify. See here...

Fitness apps are the future think Google and Apple

Fitness apps are becoming big business, with downloads soaring off the charts. As a result, Google and Apple want to sign up developers for their teams and coach them to victory. Google unveiled Google Fit, a new set of software libraries and tools for storing and retrieving data about fitness activities. This follows Apple's unveiling of...

IBM’s Watson supercomputer to contribute to cookery app

IBM thinks its Watson supercomputer can offer some cooking advice, so it's teaming up with the editors at Bon Appétit to test 'Chef Watson', an app that uses the cognitive supercomputer's food-making 'skills'. It will take "weeks and months" before the software is available to foodies but IBM believes that the software could help...

Shuttersong launches on Windows 8

Shuttersong says its photo-audio app has been redesigned for Windows 8’s interface. Using Shuttersong, you can add 15 seconds of voice, music or sound into any digital photo and then share it through email and social media. Microsoft worked with Shuttersong to help the redesign of the app for Windows 8 and...

Appys 2013 coming soon

Appys 2013 coming soon

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